On Straight up Razors


Shaving with a straight razor the old school way differs in many ways most men use daily. Find here a complete fact sheet about all you need to know about straight razor shaving.


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Here you find everything your barber would also tell you. I like vintage, handcrafts and classic gentlemen gadgets. About that news, upcoming events and reviews of related shops.

Straight Razor Handmade Restorations

Every single vintage straight razor you see here is unique; straight up one of a kind. It is carefully and with craftsmanship inspected. From affordable razors for your daily shave to indescribable precious collector items: All of them will be hand-crafted and restored in perfection in a German manner. Every razor undergoes a many hour long restoration process, will be manually honed and delivered with a restore certificate and -report.

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Restoring a Razor

See here a step-by-step picture slightshop of me restoring a vintage straight razor. The razor undergoes a long process until it is ready again fort he next shave and many decades to follow. Follow me into my workshop to see how i do it.

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