Father’s Day Promotion

For the Father's Day treat you old man with a thoughtful present that will enhance his morning ritual: A shaving set that delight his sense.

For the Father's Day on the 19th, June Straight up offers two sets, that are for what ever razor you have an prefer a real add on:


The BASIC shaving set:IMG_4834


And the LUXURY shaving set:

Both shaving set consist out of a  quality shaving soap and a handmade aftershave balm from SAPO SOAP WORKS. 

The differences are the brush and the bowl, while the BASIC set comes with a nice badger brush and a quality metal bowl, goes the LUXURY set even one step further: A turquoise porcelain bowl and a silver-tip badger shaving brush framed in chrome and blood wood.

The sets intentionally don't come with a razor. Especially as a gift, many make a quick guess and get the wrong one. The type of razor is very much depending on the taste of the user.

The more dangerous the better the shave and the experience. of a ritual. The more convenient, the less the danger to get a cut, and with that the daily fast fix. Very much depending on the taste.

I am the "this is my 20min in the bathroom guy" when I have time for a proper straight razor shave. When I have to hurry one of my safety razors will do the job.

You can combine the Father's Day special with various razors:IMG_2163

  • A Butterfly Chrome Safety razor
  • A Titan blood wood Safety razor
  • A Titan blood wood Gillette style 5 Blade


  • One of my hand restored vintage straight razors

They all come during this offer (1.-15. June) with a free travel box and the straight razor on top a leather strop for your daily razor maintenance.

IMG_2168 IMG_2169 IMG_2165 IMG_2161IMG_2171 IMG_2173IMG_2184 IMG_2189

This offer only counts for inside of CHINA from the 01.-15. June and get your set get delivered guaranteed until the 19. June 2016 to your house.

Please make sure you transmit your full address, name and telefonnumber, that the parcel find safely it's way to you.

To order add my wechat and find my Wechat shop in my profile or scan this QR code to get directly to the shop or click on it to open it in your browser.

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